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For 11 years I was associated with early childhood education in various management and leadership roles. One thing I observed was that most child care small to the big franchises delivered technical and soft skill training to their teachers. These training helped leaders and teams enhance their credentials and improve their knowledge. However, none of the training unleashed and developed the real potential within each person.  I observed that-

  • Negativity and gossips persisted

  • There was lack of ownership

  • Absenteeism and tardiness continued

  • Teacher and director conflicts were never-ending

  • Profits and enrollments suffered.


I believed that unless teachers and leaders generate the inner drive and unless they feel successful from within, nothing will change.  To ensure my team doubled their productivity, work with motivation and the childcare maximizes enrollments, I designed a program called LTM-Leadership Through Mind.


I started facilitating these sessions at the childcare I worked. The program showed uniqueness. Teachers felt inspired and it generated a sense of ownership within them. Seeing the positive results, I was soon invited to other branches to deliver these sessions. Every LTM session inspired teams and leaders to take massive action, and productivity doubled. Absenteeism reduced, and staff turnover was almost zero which lead to increased enrollments.  Seeing the massive results LTM brought, I took a leap to spread the benefits of LTM to many childcare in the country.


Today LTM training and coaching results are seen in many childcare's. Theses training go beyond traditional methods and incorporate accelerated training methodology.


Every childcare can achieve their desired outcomes.

                What is LTM Training?
Success Is Within you, it's within your childcare-Discover it.

LTM is a training program that helps childcare build positive teams and to increase productivity and engagement level of teachers at peak performance. Childcare owners and directors who choose to develop their leaders and teachers through LTM training have the opportunity to positively influence everyone in the organization creating a shift that leads to more engaged employees, improved work environment, positivity and increased enrollments.


Why LTM Training 

Teams have tremendous potential within them but operate at a level much below. Teachers and directors receive technical and soft skills training, yet results fall short, the staff is disengaged, there is lack of ownership and negativity is pervasive. This is because there is a huge gap between what teachers learn and the degree to which they implement. LTM program is created to help leaders and their teams bridge that gap and unlock their full potential by tapping the areas that truly leads to extraordinary meaningful results.

Top 10 challenges we have solved for Child Care owners and leaders:
Team Work & Staff Retention
Business Expansion
Motivation & Productivity
Communication & Gossips
Sales & Profits
Positive Work Environment
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How can we serve you?
Choose from our services of Coaching and Training.
Exclusive topics for your teacher workday and annual meets

Each session is engaging, hands-on, inspirational, full of activities and includes post 1:1 coaching to enhance your results.






Unleash the positivity in your daycare

Attract prosperity in your childcare

How to communicate effectively with
coworkers and parents

How to reduce gossip at your  childcare

Awaken the leader within

Unstoppable leadership for success

Stress Management for teachers and leaders

Topics you can choose from include:
Each training is 100% customized to fit your needs, budget and time. 
What makes LTM special
Team Results

Higher engagement and double productivity


Reduce staff turnover and absenteeism


Take complete ownership and accountability of work


Explore, Engage & Unlock your full potential


Make better decisions


Greater ability to focus 


Reduce gossip


Be self-driven


Generate positivity at the workplace


Improve Punctuality 

Business Results

Increase your enrollments


Secure a competitive edge for your business


Grow your  income by filling spots effectively and efficiently


Eliminate major profit killers from your daycare


Achieve results regardless of  economy


Enhance your customer  pipeline


Maximize profits


Navigate opportunities and challenges

Attract peak performer staff

Build a dynamic team of teachers

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Who is Payal Nanjiani?

For over a decade Payal has helped childcare to continue to deliver results, encouraging them to maximize their profits and potential. Payal's Leadership Through Mind is the first and only leadership training and coaching program designed to help childcare teams and owners around the world to build a happier, more-productive business with an improved bottom line.


 Through her workshops, leadership coaching programs, keynote presentations, and retreats she has helped her childcare clients increase revenue, build a dynamic and productive team, improve ROI, reposition themselves as leaders in their industries, and more. She is globally known in the business and corporate world for her Leadership Through Mind program. Childcare leaders choose to work with Payal because she gets you moving towards growth and results sooner than expected.

Payal has presented at ASK, Smart Start Leadership. She has appeared on radio and television for her LTM  programs.


What are owners and teams are saying about Payal

I unhesitatingly recommend Payal .....

"Working with Payal was a delightful experience. She impressed us with her passion, diligence, sharp intellect, commitment, optimism, and perseverance. She is a good communicator who readily connects with her target audience through cogent presentations, meaningful content, and persuasive delivery. I unhesitatingly recommend Payal and wish her well". 


                                                                         Dr. Arun Arora, CEO-Reggio Pre-school

Learning University


Committed to inspiring and developing people to be high achievers, show leadership and succeed in whatever they do.

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