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Initial non-refundable deposit to book your coaching sessions. 




In group coaching, you are working toward a common goal. The problem and subjects to discuss are decided beforehand. It helps when you want to fix a specific problem and work towards a common outcome. The entire team moves together towards a common goal. The package is of 5 sessions of one hour each.






Group Coaching

Individual Coaching is for your 360-degree leadership and business development.  As opposed to group coaching, where the agenda is decided beforehand, individual coaching allows for a more personalized and flexible experience. You get an individualized development plan for you and your company’s success.  It is tailor-made for the specific needs you wish to cover. You decide the topic based on your needs, wants, goals and results desired







1:1 (Package of 5 sessions - pay per session)

A private VIP Day Intensive is designed for entrepreneurs who desire results quickly and don’t want to wait for them to happen. A whole day  of 8 hours to focus on you, your big plans, your ideal lifestyle, and building your empire business.







VIP Day Coaching

This is a quick one-time session for 90 minutes to resolve an immediate business or leadership goal and problem. 


1:1 (Single Session)


One hour workshop at your premise for less than 20 employees per session







One Hour Workshop

Two hour workshop at your premise for 20 to 40 employees per session.  For groups larger than 40 contact us .







Two Hour Workshop

One hour workshop at your premise for  20 to 40 employees per session. For more than 40 contact us.







One Hour Workshop

Two hour workshop. Includes leadership assessment and  three 1:1 coaching sessions with any of your chosen key team member.


Two Hour Workshop + three 1:1 Coaching

Two hour workshop at your premise for less than 20 employees per session.







Two Hour Workshop


Committed to inspiring and developing people to be high achievers, show leadership and succeed in whatever they do.

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