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Success is Within, perhaps, resonates the same way as "Iron determination must come from within" by the famous dance performer Sudha Chandran. This has been my guiding words since childhood. "Know thyself" true these are. Undoubtedly, it is the base to deal with the variegated ways of life.

But, somewhere I have a feel. Knowing to know 'thyself' is, I believe, of utmost importance. How do I know what I need to know about myself needs to be an enabling factor. It is so vast in itself. This 'about' me may demand from me my professional identity. I am defined by my family or by the academic achievements or by the professional identity or the society at large and its yardstick of measurements or could also be the readers reading the blog. 'I' am defined by so many identities yet, I do need to know how to know 'myself'.

Well, in academic terms: Work in the capacity of an Assistant Professor at Bhavan's Institute of Management Science (BIMS), Kolkata and is about to complete 15 years in the profession of 'teaching' this year. Learning with the learners every day has enriched my experiences in so many different ways. I remain so much to be more enriched with the brain-teasers, brain twisters and also, be enraptured in the ways of life. I am to know how to know "YOU" in me.

Swati Basu

Swati Basu

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