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100/0 Rule- A leader by choice

Very often I have business executives and leaders expressing to me, ‘ I am really upset with my team. I do so much for them and in return when professional help is needed some of them don’t care to even help.’ Often times I see the leaders frustrated, sad, feeling dejected and de-motivated. It even makes them change their behavior pattern.

We all have come across such events in our life both professionally and personally. We help our team members and people around when they need a leave from work, they need help with a family member or if they just want to vent out. We are there for them. Then when we go to them for any assistance, it seems they turned their back to us with a list of their excuses. Feeling hurt and the EGO becoming stronger we decide never to help that person again.

This is how we generate negative feelings inside us which slowly turns into toxic and takes a toll on our health. Who is affected- the ‘I’. Why would anyone choose to make themselves unhealthy?

The biggest reason of this is Expectation. It is root cause of all our worries, poor relationship, hurt, sadness and mental imbalance. We feel people are not living up to our expectation. The best way to move from Expect to Accept is to follow the 100/0 Rule.

100/0 Rule means you own full responsibility and accountability of your work and results thereof. It shows you are a person with a Service Spirit. You are willing to give because that is your true self.

“When you give more than what you get

You get more than what you gave”

The problem is we equate what we get with what we gave- that is not service spirit, its not a relationship – it’s a business and it’s a weak business. If you want a solid business- stop expecting and start giving more than what you get- I assure you will see the returns. There is a beautiful quote-

“There was a man they called him mad

The more he gave the more he had”

It is not necessary that if you helped someone, the same person will help you back. You may get the fruits of this from somewhere else, (provided you did it in a service spirit) may be you do not get the fruits directly, but your family gets it. You have no right over the results of your action. Just take the action that makes you feel good from within. If doing a lot for your team members makes you feel happy then go for it with no expectations. It is you as a leader, as a human, who is doing the good for the team- never change your goodness just because someone did not return your goodness back to you.

Most of life’s satisfaction comes down to the quality of our relationships. When you implement the 100/0 rule to your life and business, amazing things start to shape up. Give your 100% to your family, friends, team members and work. Even if you get zero in return, it will always work out for your benefit and of others too.

Right now take that action. Call that person you’ve been waiting to call you, do something for the team you always wished to do, start the business that you’ve been waiting on someone else to help you, mend up with that friend whom you’ve been waiting for to talk back to you, start preparing for that test you have been procastinating.

Put in 100% like you’ve never done before. And see the results.

Payal Nanjiani is a business and life coach,

inspirational speaker and leadership trainer of "Success is Within."


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