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Well, this reminds me of a time in 2017 when I wrote my very first book titled Success Is Within. It got 22 rejections before it got picked up by Routledge Publishers, one of the top book publishers in New York.

Now, I know many of us in this situation might take rejections personally.

You know, we we begin to tell ourselves that we are maybe we are not destined for that promotion or that we are not cut out for that job. Or maybe, you know, we are not as good as we thought we were. Now we take every rejection as a personal failure, and that can sabotage your career growth.

You will soon begin to stop trying new things. You will stop putting your hands up for up for opportunities, and you will not be able to expand your comfort zone.

And let me tell you something. There is power in rejection. It can help your brain to actually fuel the fire within you and help you to channelize that rejection into determination.

And that's exactly what I did when I got rejection after rejection, after rejection for my books, until it got picked up by the publisher. And today I am on my fourth book with the same publisher. The idea, which I am trying to give you here, is that when you are faced with rejection, take it as an opportunity to learn and grow.

There is something that you might have missed.

There is something which is not correct right now. So remind yourself that the more you embrace rejections, the more unstoppable you will become. Let that fuel you from inside. And I really hope that may your choices be a reflection of your hopes and not of your fears.

Hope this helps in your journey to success

Your mentor + Friend

Payal Nanjiani


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