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What would a happy and fulfilled work-life look like to you? Perhaps you desire financial success, professional growth, more clients, business success. Whatever you desire you can achieve it using Leadership Through Mind technique. LTM coaching is for anyone who wants to improve their professional peak performance.

Success Coaching Fees

Initial Deposit = $100 (Applicable towards 5th Session)

90 Minute Coaching Session Fee = $95

60 minutes Follow up Coaching Session Fee = $75

 Condition yourself to success

 Get your desired results

 Condition yourself to success

 Get your desired results

Quality of your results= Quality of your mindset

Leadership Through Mind coaching is based on a powerful concept of Success Is Within, which means you are least dependent on the outside resources for your success.


With the LTM 3D Model, this unique coaching program has proven to help individuals, business owners and corporates to help themselves become successful. The mantra of LTM coaching is that less efforts maximum results are possible for success.



Committed to inspiring and developing people to be high achievers, show leadership and succeed in whatever they do.

Payal Nanjiani

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