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  Inspirational Leadership Through Mind Workshop & Seminars

Beyond Communication - Are you connected?

A session where your teams will learn to go beyond communication and build rapport with teams, clients and peers.

Everyone Communicates, Few Connect. Today the greatest leadership art is knowing how to connect with people using least words. The quality of your results is equal to the quality of your communication.


Key take away:

  • Recognize communication patterns of self and others & how to interrupt negative communication patterns.

  • Demonstrate the competencies needed to go beyond communication

  • Build rapport with teams, peers, and upper management

  • Learn the art of positive approach to conflict that can transform your work relationship

  • Discover how to influence and drive your self and others to produce exceptional results

Vitamin M for Self Motivation

A session where you will learn to identify the critical factors impacting your motivation.

It is easy to set a goal — we do it all the time. Staying inspired to achieve those goals, well that’s where the gap widens. You do not have to be better than someone else, but you should not be anything less than what you can be. If you act to the best of your ability and intelligence, every day will be an explosion of possibilities.

Key Take Away:

  • Approach everyday situations with greater authenticity and focus.

  • Learn the new result based work cycle

  • Identify core components of unstoppable leadership success

  • Learn the art of self-optimization for success

  • Establish deliberate habits successful leaders use to grow on a daily basis

  • Compound skills to positively affect any team, peers or situation. 

  • Master the skills of influence

  • Build effective techniques to move from demotivation to motivation

How to reduce Gossip at your daycare.

Designed to help you influence, inspire and empower others.

You probably spend more waking hours with your coworkers than you do with your friends or family. So it’s no surprise that you know a lot about them. Workplace gossip and grapevines are a fact of life. And while not all of it is inherently bad, all of it can have an impact on the workplace!


Key Take Away :


  • Discover motivation that shape how you think, feel and behave at workIdentify your own unique strength, vision, and purpose.

  • Practice behaviors to break the gossip cycle.

  • Learn proven techniques to lead yourself 

  • Make a real difference in the quality of your work

  • Tools to coach and empower others

  • Guidelines to create a "pocket of positivity" within your team 

Stress Management for Women

Discover your inner power, redesign your success and create more empowering work environment

Don’t let Stress stop your Progress. As a woman, trying to excel in multiple roles at work and home, you know all about stress. You know too much can make you irritable…interfere with your work relationships…and undermine your productivity. You also know the same old stress management tips you’ve been hearing about for years don’t work. That’s why we developed a practical, new approach to managing stress—that will bring new energy, balance and focus to your life. 


Key Take 

  • Tap into an inner reservoir of energy and vitality

  • Techniques to help you reset your mind and mood at work.

  • Understand the real energy drainers at work.

  • Learn 5 keys to break through stress

  • Discover your coping mechanisms

  • Help your team identify what is stopping them from getting the results

Unstoppable Leadership for Success

 A session where you will learn to identify the critical factors impacting your leadership.


Each of us has been born with qualities of a leader. However we do not acknowledge ourselves or belief that we are leaders. Because we feel leaders are with positions. Leaders are someone who is managing us at our work. Its not necessary that everyone wants to get into a position of leadership but each of us keeping the leader skill alive in us in whatever we do- weather teacher role, parent role, weather director, anyone we are- there is one technique very powerful that makes or breaks anyone as a leader in whatever role they are.


Key Take Away 

  • Take your leadership to the next level

  • Identify core components of unstoppable leadership success

  • Master the skills of influence

  • Build effective techniques to create your breakthrough

  • Drive breakthrough creativity


Committed to inspiring and developing people to be high achievers, show leadership and succeed in whatever they do.

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