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Leadership Through Mind Program

“Change should be like speed breakers. You slow down only to cross them. You do not let it stop you from reaching your destination. ” – Payal Nanjiani

Project Aviation: New thought -New destination

2 half day sessions followed by Success Coaching 

Project timeframe: To be discussed

Topic : Leadership through mind -  The change within

Overview: Build a strong foundation by developing powerful mindset before the skillset.Success within will manifest success outside

More than ever before, organizations are evolving, innovating and changing to stay alive and be competitive. New software based business models like Uber and Airbnb are disrupting set business models. Organizations depend on their employees to accept and support changes vital for their success. Most employees initially resist workplace change and defend the status quo—it’s human nature.With Leadership Through Mind training program, we make it easy and convenient for your organization to not only “survive” inevitable changes in the workplace—but flourish in the proces as well.

Goals &

  • Understand and overcome resistance to change (Uncertainty)

  • Increase the rate of change management success.

  • Align the mindset of the leaders and teams to  company philosophy

  • Move from comfort zone to volcanic zone

  • Inspire to take actions

  • Change self first

  • Transformational development

  • Self-Integrate before team integration

  • Empower self and others

  • Fuel Momentum

  • One fix for most problems  

Content, Method,Materials

  • Exposure to a range of new developmental and inspirational exercises and activities

  • Inspirational stories that empower

  • Reference materials

  • Relevant content to the issues


​Phase - I

  • Directors

  • Managers

  • Architects


Phase - II

Individual contributors​

Monitoring &

  • Welcome Call- Before and after training

  • Success coaching minimum 4 weeks to maximum 12 weeks* see details below

  • Whatsapp leadership inspiration support

  • Participant Manual/Workbook

  • Access to leadership learning university

  • Refresher training- Done with a different methodology (Optional)

  • Success Newsletter and templates

Training Schedule
Day 1 : 4 hrs
  1. Identify your “Limitless Limits” for pathbreaking Success

  2. Develop a laser sharp focus to achieve your new goals

  3. Learn how to find opportunities in change

  4. How to remain ahead and adapt change leveraging your Unique Signature Strength

Day 2 : 4 hrs
  1. Explore, Engage & Maximize your inner unlimited potential

  2. Discover the key to identify, understand, analyze and re-orient your belief system

  3. Understanding the heart of change is in the emotions

  4. Understand that responsibility is always taken never given.

Success Coaching

Success Coaching Objective:

In my experience working with various companies, I have observed that trainings are effective only for a week or so. Team gets excited to collaborate on a project and within few weeks they were back to  status quo. To ensure trainings are effective,  we have introduced Success Coaching with the objective to :


  • Improve ability of the staff to relate inputs to outputs

  • Better integration of training offered and on-the-job development

  • Bridge the gap between the leaders and their team

  • Help leaders to go deep to grow steep


Success Coaching involves 3 major steps-

  1. Debug

  2. Detox

  3. Mindful

*30 minutes a week in person or via Video/Call depending on loaction.



Committed to inspiring and developing people to be high achievers, show leadership and succeed in whatever they do.

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