Payal's leadership  workshops are widely considered as one of the most inspirational & transformational leadership talks in the corporate world.

Payal’s transformational talks and masterclass inspires teams to unlock their inner leader and become the

the best version of themselves, regardless of their title.


Payal’s Power Leadership Talks inspire your team to do their best, no matter what. These talks are designed to solve an immediate challenge your people are facing or a goal you want to achieve or simply to upgrade your team and leaders mindset. Payal share's powerful yet simple "insider"  techniques so you can be at your best even in your most difficult moments. She is best known for her talks 'Be Unstoppable’™, 'Unleash the inner leader'™ and "Take Charge and Lead "™ all of which unveils the secret of what most often stops us from performing at our best and accomplishing our goals. 


 Transformational Masterclass.

The Unstoppable Leader is Payal's proprietary masterclass that first gained popularity in corporate America followed by organizations globally. Today it is widely considered one of the most unique and transformational corporate workshops. To date, this masterclass has inspired thousands of individuals and organizations across the planet to grow as exceptional leaders, solve critical issues, achieve their highest level of success, and elevate their impact on the world. 



 Women Leadership Workshop.

IWIL is an initiative by Payal Nanjiani to support women in the corporate and business world and help them lead and succeed wherever they are in the world.

Using a different protocol as compared to the existing commonly applied techniques, Payal created IWIL, one of the most unique and demanded leadership platform for women. Her corporate women talk on ‘Power of I"™ has been delivered to more than 550 corporates and has proven to bring about a dimensional shift in the very way women look at their life, their work, and the world at large. It had encouraged women to think deeply about leadership.



Unstoppable Leadership Success With

Payal Nanjiani

Top Companies Rely on Payal

 Payal's Global Corporate Impact
Payal has spoken to audiences across the United States and all over the world, including the UK,  India, Canada, Mexico, Singapore, and more.
Anna Dunaway
Lenovo. Internal and executive communication manager

Payal provides very direct, practical and friendly support during her training sessions. I met with her in a group setting and individually and each time I left encouraged and with some concrete action plans. She is very personal and provides excellent customer service. I highly recommend her service to businesses or individuals for training.

HR Manager
Tech Mahindra, Hyderabad

Complete ROI benefit. It is hard to find training which inspires you and help you maximize your deliverables in the corporate world.The Training was extremely inspirational and very insightful. We loved the energy you bring with you which inspired out teams for action. The example you shared and activities you conducted were thoughtful. It is hard to find training which helps you maximize your deliverables in the corporate world

Navin Bilwar
IT Manager, Cisco

I attended Payal’s workshop, organized by my company. Excellent presentation, great content, practical examples, and stories. The sessions were tailored to our business need, and very interactive and relevant, rather than just slideware.  I highly recommend Payal for organizations going through a transformation and that are keen to invest in people and leadership development.

Lisa Morton
Senior Associate Project Manager at SAS

I had the lucky opportunity to hear Payal speak on the topic of how to achieve unstoppable success in any economy. Payal held the audience in her hand for the full hour as she relayed her fundamental, powerful messages through vivid imagery and story telling. The main themes of her presentation are still resonating with me. Thank you, Payal, for helping us all realize our full worth by changing our mindset!

Dr. Arun Arora

I unhesitatingly recommend Payal ..Working with Payal was a delightful experience. She impressed us with her passion, diligence, sharp intellect, commitment, optimism, and perseverance. She is a good communicator who readily connects with her target audience through cogent presentations, meaningful content and persuasive delivery. I unhesitatingly recommend Payal and wish her well


Committed to inspiring people to be world-class leaders and succeed, regardless of their title.

Payal Nanjiani

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