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21 Years Of Helping People and Organizations Succeed.

Payal Nanjiani is a top leadership speaker and one of the world's renowned leadership experts who to date has helped a million people and numerous organizations lead and succeed against all odds. Her work is embraced by Fortune 500 companies, large 0rganizations, government officials, and many celebrity CEOs. 


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Hi, I'm Payal....

And most people know me as:

Globally Acclaimed Leadership Expert & Speaker....

inspiring people to be world-class leaders and succeed, regardless of their title. 


The Founder of Success is Within Leadership.....

 a breakthrough concept that is transforming workplaces by helping people believe in their innate quality to be a leader and be successful regardless of their title and position.

The Best Selling Author.....

of leadership and success mastery books, published by leading New York publishing house and available worldwide.

 World's Top Executive Coach.....

known for sharing "insider" techniques that get you to your next level, no matter what.

Award-Winning host of The Payal Nanjiani Leadership Podcast....

the only podcast that inspires you to raise your leadership game.

  Media Personality.....

recognized by the media for redefining leadership. Honored as the only Indian-American woman to be a powerful leadership speaker & author in a white male-dominated industry.


A former Human Resource Manager, Payal witnessed tremendous success in her early work life. When she moved to the United States of America in the summer of 2000, Payal was constantly reminded by friends and family that she is stepping into a land of opportunities where people are very successful. Excited for her new journey, she quickly rose to higher roles at her work. But Payal wasn’t feeling fulfilled. This is because she was saddened  to see that despite all the information and resources available and being in a land of opportunities, most people were struggling at their work and there existed a huge gap between the “successful few” and the “unsuccessful many.” Companies faced a huge challenge in filling the gap between the average leaders and exceptional ones. Payal immersed herself in research to get to the root of this gap. She soon realized that this gap existed throughout the world. Her curiosity and research formed the springboard of Success Is Within Leadership which has to date changed the results of numerous organizations and people across the globe.


Payal Nanjiani is one of the world's renowned leadership and success mastery speakers. She is recognized by the media as an influencer in leadership. Her work is embraced by Fortune 500 companies, large 0rganizations, government officials and many celebrity CEOs. Payal has been extensively featured on television, global magazines, podcast and more. She is a regular guest speaker on America’s radio show.

She is considered as the only woman of Indian descent to be a sought after leadership speaker and writer in America. 

Payal's lives with the philosophy that leadership starts and ends with you and she believes that success can be achieved with both- speed and serenity.


From the early years of her career until now, Payal has been blessed to be closely associated with industry leaders, CEO, and game-changers. Payal’s work takes her around the globe and gives her an unparalleled, up-to-date insider view of how successful people and leading companies operate. Known for sharing powerful and inspirational “insider “techniques, Payal has to date helped millions of individuals and organizations across the planet multiply their productivity, fast track their career growth, give their best every day, grow as an exceptional leader, increase their market share, build a business empire, and elevate their impact at their workplace.


Payal left the comfort of her well-settled work-life and committed her life to help and inspire people and organizations globally to achieve their highest level of success and become great leaders- no matter what. She has to date helped numerous companies increase the number of exceptional leaders who adapt to the new, fast-paced environment by sharing her powerful inspirational “insider” techniques and leadership wisdom across all levels of an organization. Payal’s books, coaching, speaking, and social media resources have been helping people become game-changers.

In her two-decade of leadership speaking and coaching with top corporations in the United States of America, and globally, she has facilitated over 1500 leadership breakthrough sessions in organizations and has transformed the results of over a million people.

Payal has impacted the lives of some of the world's top leaders....

With Secretary of State Elaine Marshall

With Mayor T.J Cawley

With World Renowned Spiritual Guru Swami Mukundananda

With President Trump

Administrator Linda McMahon

Payal Nanjiani 

The only premier Indian-American speaker with a truly global presence




"Payal Nanjiani's books are known to disrupt your deeply held beliefs about work, success, and, leadership."-T. J Cawley, Mayor, USA

Have You Ever Noticed How Some People Are Super Successful at Work?

They generate ideas on the fly. They speak confidently and are high achievers.  They build winning teams and seem to be born leaders. Others crave joining their missions and want to be around them.  

Payal's books are the only self-help leadership books that tell you about how to be super successful at your work. It gives you those "insider" tools and techniques that Payal learned while coaching and training some of the most prominent leaders and teams in the role.


Each book is filled with real-life stories, leadership mantras, her 'insider' techniques, and tools that are bound to get you to succeed.


Committed to inspiring people to be world-class leaders and succeed, regardless of their title.

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