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How can we increase the number of exceptional leaders in our organizations? Why is it that, despite having the best minds and hands at work, organizations aren’t seeing a significant increase in their financial numbers? How can the maximum number of people continuously generate fabulous results for themselves and for their organizations? These are some of the most pressing questions currently in organizations and form the basis for Achieving Unstoppable Success in Any Economy. This book presents the seven divine mantras for business leaders, corporate heads, entrepreneurs, and professionals to maximize leadership potential. With masterful insight and brilliant simplicity, Payal Nanjiani has distilled some of the most powerful leadership and success wisdom available for both professional and personal leadership into seven practical lessons that leaders, managers, and entrepreneurs can immediately apply to send morale and productivity soaring in these challenging and uncertain business times. Known for her coaching and consulting work with many of the world’s leading CEOs and organizations, Payal helps business professionals understand the significance of the I-Power in leadership. It highlights with certainty that for anyone to achieve unstoppable success in their job and business, and for any organization to be successful, it’s the leader who must be unstoppable first. This book serves as a wake-up call—it’s time individuals and organizations change the way they approach the human side of business, of leadership, and of success. Our society and the world at large cannot continue to withstand the increasing shortage of exceptional leaders and the widening gap between the successful few and the unsuccessful many. The challenge must be addressed in new ways to develop exceptional leaders who can deal with the immense complexities and business challenges of today. This book serves as a guide to an organic growth of people who lead and succeed regardless of the economy

The Best Selling Leadership Book Of The Year

Success Is Within

The 21 Ways of Achieving Results, Prosperity, and Fulfillment by Changing Your Leadership Mindset

In this life-changing book, by the author Payal Nanjiani, you will discover how to become successful in your job, business and life.  You will achieve what you want: great results, prosperity, and fulfillment.


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Spiritual Leader

Swami Mukundananda

Mayor T.J Cawley, USA

Ken Smith - WRAL TV

Voted as best book for lawyers managing

their own law firm - By Bigle legal

Payal Nanjiani has attacked the most important problem of this era - Ramona Jackson, Senior Director IT, Cigna

This book by Payal Nanjiani will join the best of business literature for emphasizing attitude as our biggest asset - Swami Mukundananda of Jagadguru Kripaliji

This book will compel you  to recognize and harness your energy to become a better leader - Donna Daniels, Program Manager - SAS

Winner of Book Excellence Award - 2020


Committed to inspiring people to be world-class leaders and succeed, regardless of their title.

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