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Angela Harris

CEO, Kokopelli Marketing

I was a seasoned leader and professional when I met Payal Nanjiani. I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical going in. I had a strong support system already and I questioned if coaching would be impactful. I’m so grateful that I was wrong! Payal helped me to gain clarity about my true passion, legacy goals, and aligning my long-term career planning. In addition, she provided valuable solutions to challenging situations, and provided moral support and confidence. She used a methodology based on things that were important to me such as mindfulness and compassionate leadership. I am a better leader because of my time with her." 


Kavitha Potnuru

Senior Manager

She is one of the most most energetic and positive people I have come across. Her leadership talk is very inspiring and neededin the corporate world.


Begi Margret

Principle, Learning and Development, Infosys

I had the opportunity to listen to Payal when she did a session organized by the Star in Me. Those 90 minutes was a turning point in my life and I truly started to believe that success is within me. Soon I ordered for her book " Success is Within" and I started reading it and practicing some simple steps. Although small they gave me great results in terms of having the right perspective and self development. Because I had benefited a lot from attending her session I took the opportunity to host her as a part of a Women in Executive leadership program organized by my company. I could literally see that she was transforming the lives of 72 participants who attended her 2 hour session. Thank you Payal for everything that you have done for me and my colleagues. You are amazing. More power to you.


Eshwari Varma

Global Training Manager, Amazon

Coaching session with Payal is the best thing that happened in 2020 for me. She has a very structured process of coaching and has extreme clarity on what she wants to convey. The conversations are very insightful as she is not going to tell you want you may want to hear, she will analyze your responses and provides inputs which is truly an AHA moment. The examples she shared from her personal experiences helps you understand how to apply the learning and bring change in you. Leadership is truly within and Thank you Payal for making me understand that.


Mitchelle Proctor

Principal Business Operations Manager, SAS

Payal Nanjiani is a change maker in every sense of the word. With two award winning leadership books in her long list of accolades and accomplishments, she knows how to inspire teams! Payal is fully committed to the achievement of her clients, both large and small. I have witnessed her in action, she is a high achiever who is devoted to advancing organizations globally. I have had the honor and privilege of working with Payal over the last several years as a speaker, coach and friend. Payal has been a well-received guest speaker at multiple SAS Women's Initiative Network (WIN) events. She is dependable, responsive and indeed lives out her philosophy that 'Leadership starts and ends with YOU.’™ Whether you are considering hiring a personal coach or speaker for a large event, Payal has my highest recommendation


Walt Grass

Award-Winning Radio Personality, Speaker, Author, Entertainer

I had the pleasure of interviewing Payal on my show Stand Up & Speak Up. She is a very engaging guest and her expertise on leadership is very clear. She makes it clear that our success is within us - we just have to own our success and make different choices. Her message applies to current and future leaders, as well as performers who want to become more valuable and effective


Felma Magnata

Sr V.P Straive . Philippines

I have established a better structure in my personal life with the maximization technique that Payal taught me. Some more techniques have also led me to overcome self-doubts. I always look forward to our session. Payal is an amazing leadership coach! I am grateful to have been introduced to her.


Mary Mazon

IT Manager at Cisco

Initially, I was unsure of the need for an executive coach, then I attended the Leadership program with Payal and was amazed. During these sessions, I was able to recognize where I could strive to understand drivers around me and my team, and most importantly, find opportunities to work on myself. I found myself re-energized after completing the coaching sessions. Handbook was very helpful and I use it as a reference point to stay on track. Thanks, Payal!


Lori Shandal - Fox


I recently attended one of Payal's seminars. I was cautiously optimistic. I've found that the business world lately has been flooded with webinars, seminars etc where an "expert" will give you a small taste of what they teach and then try to unload a course on you with a huge price tag attached to learn the rest. Not the case here! Payal not only jam-packed the seminar with tips that were immediately useful to help boost any business, she gave us all an assignment to come up with the perfect pitch based on the strategy she had taught us and invited us to contact her for feedback. I did so and she responded with more helpful remarks. Payal is an inspiration. It is evident why she is so sought after by businesses of all sizes for her "insider" info and motivational approach


Commodor Mohan Gidwani

Jt CEO, NCSI Mumbai

An excellent talk on “Take Charge & Lead ”by  Payal.She addressed the Managerial staff of National Sports Club of India, Worli, Mumbai, India on 20th April 2019 and kept the audience spellbound .She displayed an eloquence and command of the language scarcely excelled by orators.In nut shell ,her talk was very informative and par excellence & well taken by all present.

Abstract Paint

Manisha Bijjaragi

Software Test Engineer

Payal is an impressive and amazing magician. Yes, she is a magician as when you talk to her your mare thoughts convert into action and soon you can see them taking the shape you might have dreamed.  I knew what I want to do but didn't know how can I execute. The very first meeting with Payal and I came out with a list of action items. You never walk out from Payal's meeting with no results. She inspires, motivates, and brings your hidden strength up and shows your power of accomplishing your dreams. You will really come to know what she means by her tagline "Success Within". Payal understands clients needs and helps accordingly. Her guidance is customized for each and every individual/business/need. I am very glad I met Payal. I consider her as my Mentor. Thank you very much, Payal for all your support in the past, and with my new dream coming true definitely I am going to need your help more.


Prashant Sonkar

Owner and Occuptational therapist at Care First Rehab

Since the time I have known Payal, she has always come across as dedicated, passionate and completely committed to what she does. Payal recently did a workshop for Care First Rehab staff on leadership “Take Charge and Lead” which was very interactive, and she connected all the staff members and invoked the leader in each one. Her presentation style is completing different and very engaging.



Business Owner, NC USA

I have even gained more clients than ever.Payal is amazing. When I started working with her, I was letting my "inner critical voice" hold me back. She was able to help me to recognize what I was doing and provided me with strategies to help me to refocus. I am now leading a more insightful life and have even gained more clients! Thank you, Payal!..


Kate Annett-Hitchcock

Associate Professor, NC State

Payal gave an uplifting talk to the AWE students at NC State. Sheprovided them with some good examples and takeaways thatthey could use in and out of class!


Donna Rhode

Leadership Development and Management consultant

Payal facilitated a workshop for the Raleigh Professional Women's Forum (RPWF) Board. She took the time to prepare a one-off session for the group. She was professional, enthusiastic, and engaging. The group responded well to the session and walked away with useful nuggets to use both for RPWF purposes and other professional and personal purposes.


HR Manager

Tech Mahindra, Hyderabad

Complete ROI benefit. It is hard to find training that inspires you and helps you maximize your deliverables in the corporate world. The training was extremely inspirational and very insightful. We loved the energy you bring with you which inspired out teams for action. The example you shared and the activities you conducted were thoughtful. It is hard to find training that helps you maximize your deliverables in the corporate world.


Lisa Morton

Senior Associate Project Manager at SAS

I had the lucky opportunity to hear Payal speak on the topic 'How to achieve unstoppable success in any economy.' Payal held the audience in her hand for the full hour as she relayed her fundamental, powerful messages through vivid imagery and storytelling. The main themes of her presentation are still resonating with me. Thank you, Payal, for helping us all realize our full worth by changing our mindset!


Donna Daniels

Principle Program Manager as SAS

Payal conducted a series of Leadership seminars for Business Professional Women. These seminars have been extremely informative and thought-provoking for all the participants. Payal has delivered the information in a very engaging and effective manner and we have all come away with “nuggets of ideas” on how to change our mindset. She has continually challenged all of us to cause the change and look for opportunities. Payal delivery of these seminars has been energetic, engaging, and inspiring. I would highly recommend her Leadership seminars for organizations that want to build successful teams and leaders. 


Paul Speight

CEO, Christophers House of Refuge, USA

I have been blessed with the opportunity to meet Payal Nanjiani and take advantage of her leadership and entrepreneurship coaching. Before meeting Payal I was feeling completely stuck in my business. My momentum was low, and my team momentum was even lower. I went to go hear Payal speak at a workshop and afterward contacted her to join her business leadership coaching program. Once we got started with the program, I immediately started implementing her strategies and they worked instantly, and I saw great improvement not just in myself but in my team and business. My energy became high which lead my team to come up, she and her coaching gave me the confidence to go after the big-ticket clients and got me past the gate- keepers to get to the decision makers. Now my business is on the right track and is headed to the level of success where it and I are destining to be, and I could NOT have done it with Payal and her leadership coaching! I will continue to work with her as I progress in the business world


Ellese Johansen Murphy

Information Security Analyst 

If you are looking to move to the next level in your career Payal is there to help! You can rest assured she will not enable you to sit in your excuses. ! She is quick to point out there are no perfect situations. There will always be that boss, that coworker or that situation you cannot change. You CAN change your perspective and your power. This is where Payal’s coaching comes in.


Anna Dunaway

Lenovo. Internal and executive communication manager

Payal provides very direct, practical and friendly support during her training sessions. I met with her in a group setting and individually and each time I left encouraged and with some concrete action plans. She is very personal and provides excellent customer service. I highly recommend her service to businesses or individuals for training


Dr. Arun Arora

CEO, Edvance 

I unhesitatingly recommend Payal ..Working with Payal was a delightful experience. She impressed us with her passion, diligence, sharp intellect, commitment, optimism, and perseverance. She is a good communicator who readily connects with her target audience through cogent presentations, meaningful content and persuasive delivery. I unhesitatingly recommend Payal and wish her well.


Heather Chandler

Product Developer, Interactive Games

I met Payal a few years ago when she was giving a leadership series with the Raleigh chapter. She is a wonderful speaker and is able to demonstrate the principals she teaches with tangible real-world examples. I’ve learned a lot from her about leadership—specifically my areas of strength and where I need to grow my skills. If I ever see an event where Payal is presenting, I always sign up so I can learn more from her. I’d recommend Payal for any event in which you needed someone to talk about how you can overcome the things that prevent you from being the best leader you can be


June Shillito

Director Yates Daycare Centre,NC, USA

I highly recommend Payal as a leadership coach. I first met her when I attended one of her seminars at a conference. I was so impressed that I contacted her and asked if she would work with me on leadership skills. After five sessions, I felt much more empowered. She shared ideas and strategies with me that I can use in the child care center to build a positive team, more engaged employees, and an improved work environment. I look forward to continuing to work with Payal as she is scheduled to present training at our next teacher workday. 


Swarnpreet Kaur

Sr. IT Manager, Cisco

Payal delivered Leadership session at Cisco and I really enjoyed the sessions with her. Her training style is unique and very engaging. She walked out with excellent comments and the training was a great success. 1:1 sessions were also part of training where we discussed topics in depth that empowered me to handle unique situations with success


Peggy P Wang

Ascend Charlotte Chapter President

Payal was a keynote speaker at our Inspiring Across Generation session for Ascend Charlotte chapter. She is an amazing speaker and our audience truly enjoyed her speech!! We look forward to more partnership with Payal in the future!

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