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Payal Nanjiani is one of the foremost experts in helping people become exceptional leaders and super successful. Being associated with some of the top leaders and entrepreneur's in the world, she provides “insider” techniques that are not openly available on public domains. Her rich set of new, practical, and life-tested ideas, concepts, and frameworks to achieve success, and become game-changing leaders. She has a proven record leading, growing, and reinvigorating large and medium companies across a wide variety of industries.


IconX is Payal’s super-elite coaching program for people CEO'S, CXO, CIO, and those who aim to become CEOs, top executives, and top entrepreneurs. It is for people who want to move from a life of success to a life of significance and create a lasting impact. Payal shares her personal best practices of the top 1 %, world-class professionals. Her revolutionary tools help you develop an elite mindset of super successful people in the world. You receive precise techniques and information to help you lead in your field.

High Potential

The high potential sessions are for people aspiring to get into leadership roles, cross the mid-level positions and get to the next level, or grow their potential. You learn breakthrough insights that will help you to succeed and become influential regardless of your role and economy. Payal shares her powerful strategies to get you to remarkable levels and fast track your growth and progress.



Inner Circle

Payal’s Inner Circle Coaching is a Corporate level coaching that strives to inspire your people to reach certain goals while maximizing profits and productivity. This type of coaching concentrates on the individual,  and what they can do to help the organization be successful.  The inner-circle coaching helps you develop an extraordinary system for you and for the organization to reach high levels of excellence.

Payal has been associated with someone of the most famously successful people and top executives in the world

World-Renowned Spiritual Guru Swami Mukundananda

Linda - Administrator in President Trump administration

Mayor T.J Cawley

Mary Mazon, IT Manager

Initially I was unsure on the need for an executive coach, then I attended Success Is Within coaching sessions with Payal and was amazed. During these sessions I was able to recognize where I could strive to understand drivers around me and my team, and most importantly, find opportunities to work on myself. I found myself re-energized after completing the coaching sessions. Handbook was very helpful and I use it as a reference point to stay on track. Thanks Payal

Ellese Johansen Murphy, Cyber Security Analyst

f you are looking to move to the next level in your career Payal is there to help! You can rest assured she will not enable you to sit in your excuses. ! She is quick to point out there are no perfect situations. There will always be that boss, that coworker or that situation you cannot change. You CAN change your perspective and your power. This is where Payal’s coaching comes in !

Arun Arora, CEO

Working with Payal was a delightful experience.She impressed us with her passion, diligence, sharp intellect, commitment, optimism, and perseverance. She is a good communicator who readily connects with people. I unhesitatingly recommend Payal.


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