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Think big,

act differently


 Exclusive  Topic:

How Women Can Elevate Their Leadership Potential & Get To The Top


Women Have The Potential & Ambition

Coaching men and women for more than 15 years now, I've witnessed that most women are technically skilled and have functional expertise. The are ambitious and have the potential to grow in the organization. Yet the number of women in senior leadership roles and boardrooms is significantly less. Why? It's not because of bias, or a glass ceiling, or a lack of support. Here's the real reason......


Most Women Are Afraid To Succeed.

Most women start well on the corporate ladder, are technically skilled, and have expert knowledge. But as they reach the middle of the ladder, they are suddenly afraid of growing.  They are fearful of the change and responsibility that will come with growth. They shy away from investing in their learning and growth

You've Got To Work On Improving Yourself If You Want to Grow

Women need to allow themselves to move ahead and leave their comfort zone. Grab the opportunities and take an active part in your career growth.

 Top 10 Executive Coach
- Silicon India
Recognized For Redefining Leadership
FOX 50 News Channel, USA
Most Influential Leadership Speaker &
Executive Coach

- The Times Group
Top Coach 2022
Coach Foundation


Take Charge & Lead
How Women Can Elevate Their Leadership Potential  & Get To The Top 

Ever wonder what it takes to be a leader in your field of work? Payal Nanjiani didn’t set out to become the first woman of Indian descent to be recognized in the field of executive coaching and book writing. She simply (and tenaciously) focused on big ideas. Now she’s teaching you her transformational approach to leadership. Learn to simplify complex problems and work on yourself more than you can work on your job.

The workshop is practical, strategic, and interactive, with content carefully refined from years of Payal coaching numerous  CEOs and senior leaders to grow at their work and reach to the next level.


In this inspirational, experiential, and transformational session, you will:

  • Practice the # 1 element that will get you to show up as the best version of yourself each day

  • Challenge 'autopilot' thinking and rewire your brain's pathways to fulfill your potential

  • Identify the five most critical elements that can get you to bring about a transformation in your thinking.

  • Understand the real self-induced challenges women face while growing in their career

  • Ignite behavior changes so you can step into higher roles in the company.

  • Understand where the gap exists and how to close it for yourself and the organization

  • Learn and  apply Payal’s Metacognition technique to build unshakable confidence (as featured on America’s WRAL NEWS


This workshop will inspire you to Think Big, Play Bold Act Differently.

It will give you the courage to Execute your ideas. You will learn to Address “Gaps”. Above all, the workshop will make you Vigilant, and you will develop a Course- Correcting attitude.

  • A workshop designed and developed by Payal Nanjiani, power-packed with real-life examples.

  • Ample time for interaction and discussion with Payal Nanjiani

  • Opportunity to submit your problem beforehand for Payal Nanjiani's input and suggestion

  • Interaction with Q & A at the end of the session

Learn how to connect your inner core with outer core

  • High-potential women leaders preparing to take on increasing levels of responsibility and challenge as they move into more senior leadership or management roles

High-potential women leaders preparing to take on increasing levels of responsibility and challenge 

Participants of all genders who are interested in advancing executive women leadership in business

Senior leaders and functional heads who want to build better organization.

Women who are in the early to middle phases of their careers in leadership roles,young women managers to be integrated to industry learning and skills to take up leadership positions in the future