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You can focus the mind for success.

When Swami Vivekananda was living in Chicago, he would go to the library, borrow a large number of books, take them home and return them the next day. This aroused the curiosity of the librarian, so much so that one day she asked him, "Why do you take so many books when you can't possibly read them all in one day”? Swamiji replied that he read each and every word of the books he borrowed with full concentration. Seeing the librarian not being convinced by his reply, Swamiji asked her to test him. She opened a book, randomly selected a page and paragraph, and asked him to tell her what was written there. Swamiji repeated the sentence, without looking at the paper. Seeing the wonderful powers of concentration and retention of Vivekananda, the librarian was left completely dumbfounded.

Many people are lost in their jobs, business is stuck, and professional life seems like a rut because they do not know which way to go. Everything appears appealing and attractive, and at times nothing looks lucrative. This is because the mind is constantly shifting the direction of your life. The very essence of success is the focus of the mind. Productivity is not a result of time management but mind management. Where your focus goes, money flows. Focusing your mind means, moving from a compulsive state of activity to a conscious state of activity. Success in business and job depends on how you condition your mind and direct your focus.

But then what causes a lack of focus in the professional world? No, it's not the technology.


Below is audio on how your job and business success depends most on your focus and three quick tips to condition the mind to focus.


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