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Elevator to success

People are always on the lookout for easy ways to succeed. Anything that can fasten the process to achieve success and growth. But is there any elevator to success?

In this episode of The Payal Nanjiani Leadership Podcast, Payal Nanjiani a Leadership expert, world-renowned executive coach, and a New York award-winning author goes one on one with Sebi Joseph | President at Otis India. You can listen to the full episode on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or Google Podcasts.

Payal: As we are talking on the topic of Elevator to success, Is there an elevator to success?

Sebi: I would say it’s difficult to figure out one factor to success, irrespective of success and failure, life moves on. Success and failure are mere elevator landings, or stops . one should keep going on to enjoy life(the elevator ride). And learn from our failures but most importantly, we should reinvent ourselves every day, develop a childlike curiosity to have micro innovation every day, and contribute to family, company, and communities.

Payal: People are always in a hurry in the corporate world, they want to be successful. In your own experience have you noticed that people just want to go, and achieve success by any means go up there, is it all about just position and titles?

Sebi: Speed is very important but not haste. Most of the time people are in haste. We should have speed and pace, but it should be rated pace. It should not be reckless or in haste.

I think the most important thing in life is to enjoy life, make life a celebration. It’s not about power and position alone, positions do matter but more than that in my opinion, we should make life a celebration and seek joy in life.

Payal: What are the 5 must-have tools and strategies for success that can elevate one to success?

Sebi: The first thing one should have is courage, again courage is not the absence of fear. Embrace the truth, be truthful to yourself and others. The truth will set you free. And that will give you freedom. That is my experience and belief.

One should have the ability to imagine and reimagine. The ability to imagine and reimagine makes a world of difference. In the current world, to sustain, we constantly need to change to add value and satisfy our customers’ changing needs. I already talked about celebrating life, equally important is to reinvent yourself every day. Staying content, Innovation, and Collaboration leadership are also important, Always recognize that team is the hero and constantly collaborate to meaningfully contribute and create team success.

Finally, I would like to repeat, making life a celebration, celebrating life in its entirety, dealing with success and failure with equality. I think if we can remove violence from our hearts and fill our hearts with love, we can experience calmness in life’s storm. It is easy to understand success but difficult to fathom failures. Finding meaning in failures in daily life with an attitude of detachment and attachment is very important.

Payal: What would be your advice to your younger self?

Sebi: Develop a humility of heart, humility will strengthen you. If you are grounded and humble you are ready to renounce power, you become more powerful.

Another thing is don’t try to control events and situations, it’s a myth that you can control everything. You should work hard but accept the fact you can’t control everything.

There’s a saying: “God gives me the grace to accept with serenity the thing that cannot be changed, the courage to change the things which can be changed, and wisdom to distinguish one from another.”

Another one is to live in the present. It’s important to learn from the mistakes of today and prepare for tomorrow but I think it’s more important to concentrate the mind on the present moment and live in the present moment.

Enjoy life, make life a celebration

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