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Self-awareness is the ability to know and understand one's self. In fact, in my book, Achieve Unstoppable Success in Any Economy, I started off the introduction chapter with the question, "Who am I?". Many leaders were forced to think about this question. I want you to think about why most people fail to consistently sustain performance. I attribute this problem to a lack of self-worth. In fact, here's a little secret: high performers know and observe themselves closely. They know exactly who they are. They know within who they truly are. And this is why these people know their self-worth, and it is set to a very high level.

Consider the actions of this mid-level employee who was invited to sit in on a sales strategy meeting with his company's top executives. Although he was both very smart and efficient, he sat there in a fearful silence. It was later revealed that he was intimidated by the presence of executives whom he envisioned as high in rank, and that perception lowered his self-worth. How many of us have this issue when we are sitting in a meeting? When we are talking to our top management, we silence ourselves with the fact that even though we are smart enough to speak, even though we know the things, we just silence ourselves. Why? Because most people don't value themselves high enough on the inside, and so they stay in the background and never reach their potential.

Self-aware leaders connect with their team members on deeper, more meaningful levels since they understand their employees' emotional triggers. They have this ability to be introspective and recognize feelings as they happen. I have always considered self-awareness to be the key to self-confidence. True leadership requires the recognition of both weakness and strength, and the courage to make bold and vulnerable decisions.

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Payal Nanjiani

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