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Win The Leadership Game Every Time


Today’s blog has different content than what I usually put out. I am excited to share with you my new book, Win The Leadership Game Every Time: 9 invaluable laws to magnify your success.

Thousands of people in the corporate world have asked me — “In a noisy corporate world, what’s the best way they can be visible and get to the next level while doing something significant in their life?”

This book is an answer to that question.

Now let me tell you upright that this book is not for people looking for motivation and an easy way to succeed. This book is for those who are already motivated to do more. It’s for people who want to do more for themselves, their teams, and their organization.

To Win The Leadership Game every time you have to give it you’re all. There is no balance, there is no looking back, and there is no quitting.

For you to Win the leadership game every time you’ve got to do what others can’t and won’t do. You’ve got to be on this journey alone and finish strong.

Too many people have become accustomed to giving their best at their job. To Win the Leadership Game you’ve got to go beyond your best.

This book will help you :

- Get to your next level - Outperform everyone else - Stand out and be distinctly visible in the noisy corporate world.

I’ve written this book to help you win in your field of work.

I dedicate this book to your wins. God Bless.

Your Good Friend & Mentor Payal Nanjiani




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