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Today I want to talk to you about the word - Winning. Well, I recently wrote my third book - Win The Leadership Game Every Time.

The reason I wrote this book, and because of which I want to talk to you today on this is to help people reach their next level, outperform, and stand out in a noisy corporate world. Now you see there is a difference between just being in the leadership game and playing to win versus those who are really wanting to win. Now those who are in the game to simply play are very concerned about their pay check and their job security. This is a group of people who fear taking risks and are very overly cautious. Most of us are playing the game of simply being in the game and are in the wrong game.

We are working purely to position ourselves for a promotion. We believe that if we work hard and deliver great results its going to help us get noticed and get to the next level. Not really, There are many people who are working hard around you.

For you to emerge as a game changer, you must know how to play the leadership game to win. And when I say play the game, I steer away from corporate politics or power play. Though in the book I have written about how to recognize corporate politics and navigate through the power play. But the truth of the matter is that very few leaders wake up each morning with the will to win.

Winning has nothing to do with power, status quo position or your corporate politics. Winning is purely knowing about how to be relentless in the game and move ahead in the game. Winning is about having faith in yourself and your abilities. It's about being anti fragile and continuing the game with a will to win regardless of the economy.

I hope this helps in your journey towards success.

Your Friend + Mentor

Payal Nanjiani

Connect with me on Instagram here @payalnanjiani

Date : 26 May, 2023


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