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#1 Ritual that predicts success

Let me teach you how to master the #1 ritual that is bound to take you toward success and progress.

There was a king who had two sons, and he wanted one of the sons to take over the kingdom. So he happily announced that the younger son will take over the kingdom. This naturally made the older son upset and he went to his father and he asked him you always give responsibility and rewards to the younger son and this is so unfair to me. The father told the older son, I want you to go to the nearby village and ask them if they have cows for sale because we want to add them to the livestock on the farm. The son obliged, he came back and said yes they do have cows for sale. The father thanked the son and he called the younger son. He told the younger son and gave exactly the same instruction to the younger son too. The younger son obliged , he came back and told his father, yes they do have cows for sale. Each cow is going to cost us two gold coins and if we go ahead and buy 20 cows for them then they are going to give it to us for a discounted rate for one gold coin per cow. They have all of the cows in stock and they are going to deliver it to us by tomorrow and I have told them, if they do not hear from us by tonight, they should go ahead with the order of delivering 20 cows to us by tomorrow. Infact I saw they have so many other livestock, I have gone ahead and collaborated with them for our future need. The father was happy, he thanked the younger son and looked at the older so who by now had understood, why the father was always giving more responsibility and rewards to the younger son.

Now replace the characters of the story, the king could be anyone for you, it could be your boss, your clients, vendors, your people , your team. The kingdom is that reward, that success that you are looking for, it could be promotion, moving to the next level in the organization, a bonus, expansion of business. The important question here is which type of son are you, are you the type of older son who is given the instruction and you obliged and do exactly what is told to you or are you the younger son who goes beyond instructions and is able to get more information and deliver more?

The number one ritual that predicts success, is the ritual of outperforming. It means you go beyond the instruction, it means you go beyond what is expected of you to do. You cannot outperform if your expectation of yourself is less. You have got to push yourself to the limits before you tell others to push themselves. So begin to outperform everyday at your job and your business. Don’t do just what’s expected out of you to do.

You want to step away from mediocrity, you want to step away from being average. You want to be where the 1% of people are. It’s your dream, your goal and you cannot achieve it by being where everyone is. So begin to do what the majority of people are not doing, begin to do what the 1% of the crowd today is doing.

What do you do when you outperform, what are some of the things that you would begin to do when you commit to excellence? When you begin to develop the attitude of excellence ,of going beyond and outperforming, you will begin to overdeliver, give more value, finish the work ahead of schedule, add in a bonus, you will not be waiting for instructions, you will work with your whole mind and heart. You will begin to show up 15 minutes early to work. You will begin to stay 10 minutes late. You will add extra effort and you will network beyond your work hours .

I hope this helps in your journey. Share + practice + debate this with your teams and tell me your learnings.

Your Friend + Mentor

Payal Nanjiani

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