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Fempowerment- Leaders of the generation

A couple of days back a client of mine invited me over tea to coach her in team motivation. She had been promoted as a leader of a team force of ten members reporting directly to her. During our conversation, I asked her, ‘how’s the leader doing?’ Without any shine in her eyes she said ‘it’s going OK. The work is nice and I am excited for this project BUT..’ There was a long pause. She was worried of the constant demand that would come from her home front and office. She was battling within of how she will cope with everything and still be successful. She felt disinterested and demotivated. I asked her to relax and suggested her to EAT to be successful.

She quickly interrupted me saying ‘I don’t want to put on weight to be successful or throw my weight around, and how is that connected with my Success anyway?

Like my client, many of you wondering what is all this EAT about. All women battle with household responsibility and yearn to be successful- EAT is my mantra. Yes friends, EAT to be happy and successful. A powerful thought is hidden in it and many of my clients use this mantra now successfully in their professional and personal life-.

Event Action Thought

Every single day of your life there is an Event Action and Thought. Out of these which one do you think is in your control? Action - this is the only one in your control. You have complete right and freedom over your action. Your action is divided into react or respond- again you have the choice.

Reaction is thoughtless Respond is thoughtful

Reaction is threatening Respond is non-threating.

Events are inevitable in your business and personal life. They will come and go. What will remain is your action- did you react or respond. Reaction is not the choice of successful women -Respond is. “What goes around comes around”. How you respond today will determine your tomorrow. Your action, your response determines the next event in your life. Life is 90% determined by your response. Are you giving up just because of these struggles, are you stressed out thinking how to manage the teen child at home and be a leader at work too. Respond will give you solutions.

Events are very weak until you give them tweak by your thoughts. Your thoughts start thinking about the event, focusing on it like a problem, dealing with it like a problem now. Are you taking guilt trips because you could not go to your child’s event at school, are you dissecting messages you receive from your family and friends of how women should take care of home. Your thoughts about your feminine role and how you perceive yourself will make or break your success.

There was king who asked one of his clever court man- write something on this wall that when I read it in sadness I feel happy and when I read in happiness I feed sad. The clever court man wrote-this too shall pass’ Yes friends- This too shall pass – whatever is your circumstances today at work or home happy or sad will pass.

When you focus on the problem you’ll have more problems. When you focus on the possibilities, you will have more opportunities.

How would you like to lead your life and business- By chance or by Choice. Are you choosing your success?

You are powerful. All of us- men and women have been given equal time to become unequal.

There is nothing a woman can't accomplish

Payal Nanjiani is the founder of Insightful Learning. She is the creator of “Success Within” program which helps businesses and individuals to achieve extraordinary success. She is a business and life coach and an inspirational speaker.


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