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Reboot leadership skills

To be able to generate and sustain leadership challenges in these times of rapid changes and disruptions, one need’s a change of attitude, vision, and perception. This has been my own experience and it has made a huge difference to me. But it is no small matter; you are talking about radically changing your outlook on life. It’s a conceptual shift to understand that there can be space between you, the observer, and the part you are playing in it. When you open too many applications on the computer, it tends to slow down. You keep working in that mode, and the system gets hung up. You have to reboot. Exactly same thing with leaders and individual contributors in organization. Internally we all have opened many applications like self-doubt, uncertainty, fear, past, future, ego, hurt, negative thoughts. Majority seem unhappy with their boss, team, projects, organization incentives. The more we operate in this mode, the more we slow down, higher the chances of getting hung up-stuck. Reboot yourself now- get unstuck.

Open a new application - SELF BELIEF. This application will lead to positive thoughts, confidence, high energy and self-motivation. Only one application for leadership success-SELF BELIEF.

The first step before anybody believes it is you have to believe it. Last month I conducted full day seminar on “Believe in the change” for group of leader’s in a large organization The organization was going through a major change due to mergers and takeovers. It was the responsibility of the leaders to make this change a success through their teams. You will be surprised majority of the managers and directors had a doubt that this change was possible.

How many times it has happened- company sets a new goal, new target, there is an all hands meeting of directors and managers. Everyone discusses about the new goals and time line is set. Leader is to achieve these goals with their team. When you feel its IMPOSSIBLE how will they believe I’m POSSIBLE.

Because of this self-doubt, leaders have to put in double amount of energy and force to complete the project, leading to stress. Today most leaders are in stress and we hear cases of early hear attacks not because of rapid changes and disruptions, but because their own mindset.

The first step before anybody believes it is you have to believe it. Leaders must depend completely on their mind. It must be their best friend ever as this mind is extremely powerful-

It can make you or break you

It can give you a hopeless end or an endless hope

It can stop you or make you a unstoppable leader.

The enemy outside can do no harm when there is no enemy within. The extent to which leaders believe in themselves is the extent to which the organization will succeed. Integration of team will come later, self-integration is the first step.

If leaders have to keep a tight grip on something, it must be on their positive belief.


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