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Are you leading a life of dependency?

One job to another. One business to another. It’s been sixteen years now in the professional field, and Aisling has moved twelve jobs already and tried her hands on three business. Looks like she is in search of something. Actually yes, she is. She is searching for a positive work environment, for growth opportunities, for a great team, for people that she can get along with and for a great boss to work with. Isn’t it surprising that Aisling hasn’t yet found all this? Do you know where she can find what she is looking for? Or are you searching too? Like Aisling, if you are on this search in your professional life, then know that it is an eternal search.

Having coached and facilitated numerous workshops globally, I found that there is an Aisling within each of us. Aisling is an Irish language name meaning ‘a dream.’ When people start a business or join a company, they are full of dreams, passion, and ideas to achieve success. Meet them after just a couple of years, and they are full of worry, stress, and anxiety. And that triggers a dream of a perfect workplace, and the dream is never ending. This is what most people say-

‘My business is slowing down because of the downturn in the economy.’

‘I am looking for a better company to work with because I am tired of dealing with a boss like this.’

‘I am unable to achieve my goals because my team is negative.’

‘ I am unable to do outdoor work because of this winter season.’

In each of these statements, did you realize how much power we have given to people and circumstances? They are controlling your everyday feelings and directing your career life. We are leading a life of dependency. We feel everyone is responsible for creating disturbance in our life. We feel are success is dependant on everyone and everything. We hope and wait that people would change and circumstances would be better. And soon career life is over. It is because we fail to strengthen our leadership that people and situations can easily disturb us. We are leading a life of dependency.

Getting along with people at workplace, achieving success in business and job and becoming a great leader is no rocket science. All you need are the techniques that get you there.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------Payal Nanjiani is a globally acclaimed inspirtaional speaker, leadership and business success coach and author. She has till date impacted the professional life of numerous leaders and entreprenuers. She is known for her Success Is Within techniques.


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