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There are two types of employees: one who sticks to the instructions and does exactly what is asked, and the other does more than what is expected from them. Which one are you? and does it determines your success?

The word “Outperforming” reminds me of this king who had to decide which of his two sons would be a better heir to the throne after he was gone.

So one day he called both of his sons and asked them to go to the village to find out how much would five cows count. The younger son returned with the information that five cows would cost them 750 dollars. The older son came back saying that five cows would cost them 750 dollars but if we bought 10 cows from them, they would give them around 450 dollars, and if we want we could also partner with them for milk supply which would get us more money.

The father decided to let the older son be the heir to his throne and explained to his younger son how his older one had outperformed.

Put yourself in this story and my question is are you the type of younger son who sticks to the instructions given and does exactly what is asked and returns with that information or are you the type of son who goes beyond, who outperforms, and gets out more information, does more research, gets back with more than what’s been told.

You can outperform only when you have more expectations from yourself. Don’t just do what you have to. Don’t just be there to complete the work. Do more than what you expect from yourself. Do more than what’s been expected out of you from someone else. Perform better than what’s expected and develop an attitude to deliver beyond that expectation. Begin to outperform.

Perform better than what’s expected!

Hope this helps in your journey toward success.

Your Good Friend + Mentor

Payal Nanjiani

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