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I thought of talking to you today on "Are You Selling Yourself Short?" because I see all around me people with incredible talents and experience who aren't really getting to where they want to be. In the early years of my work life, when I was applying to a company for an HR manager job, I received a call from one of the heads of the company. She said that my resume was accepted, and I was informed I would be heading the Industrial Relations department after I had completed the interview. The response I gave at the interview was, "I am more into recruitment and talent development. I know nothing about industrial relations." She looked at me during the interview and said, "Oh, I'm sure you know more than the freshers." In my head, I was still thinking, "No, I don't. I know nothing about what I was doing." Eventually, I lost the job.

What I was doing was selling myself short. I was undervaluing my skills, abilities, and performance. I was undermining my ability to learn while working. By not believing in my own value, I was limiting myself from potential opportunities and growth. You know, I like what Greg Gilbert said: "The worst financial transaction you will ever make is selling yourself short." Because if you sell yourself short, how do you know you're selling yourself short? Well, here are the things you're going to notice: you’re not considering yourself, your work, or your effort to be as valuable as they are. You believe that your superiors are smarter and more valuable than you. You are not giving yourself full credit where it is deserved.

You are underestimating the true value of your worth. You downplay your achievements, deny compliments and praise, and avoid talking about yourself openly. You don't take advantage of new opportunities and just aren't sure of yourself. In reality, your achievements and personality, my friend, deserve much more credit than you are actually giving yourself. Be proud of yourself and share what you've done confidently because each of us passes only once through this career journey. It will never come back. So be all you can be. Be all that you can be.

Your Good Friend and Mentor

Payal Nanjiani


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