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Brutal Truth about Leadership

Since the early days of my work I remember being fascinated with the word ‘Leadership’ and when you are fascinated by something, you would want to learn more about that subject, you become curious to learn more so I delve deep into books to learn more about leadership and one of the books said that to be a great leader you must set goals, so I began to set goals, another book said that to be a great leader you’ve got to know how to manage your time, so I began to learn more about time management. I had begun to read more and more about leadership and how to lead people and how to be an awesome leader and then one day there was a leadership position opening up in my organization and I was so excited to apply for it and get selected, as I had done so much of work around leadership and read so much about it.

I felt very discouraged when another colleague of mine was chosen over me even though we had similar skills and experience. For the next few months, I felt very depressed, I felt my organization does not value me, I began searching for another job believing that it would be a solution to my problem and I would stand a better chance to get into a leadership role if I just moved to another company. How wrong I was.

What Leadership is NOT

Leadership has nothing to do with your title, role, position, designation, country, status, or job description. You are a leader no matter wherever you are and whatever the current reality is. I learned this from years of experience that I acquired from coaching many successful leaders and celebrity seals. If someone would have whispered to me this years ago when I started my career, my life would have been totally different.

What Leadership IS

Leadership is all about willingness. Be willing, be willing to do that extra work, you cannot be having a 9 to 5 mindset, know that going from paycheck to paycheck will not make you a successful leader, you’ve got to be willing to put in that extra work, that extra time, that extra effort to get better at what you do, you’ve got to be the hardest worker in the room, you have to be committed to giving your best. You’ve got to be willing to change your own behavior and adapt to your environment, be willing to lead in the toughest of the situation. When you have a willing heart to do whatever it takes to grow and be successful, there is no limit to where you can reach.

People around you may not support or understand and see the vision that you have for yourself, you have to ignore the naysayers and be on your way to the top. Either they will pull you away from your vision, your dream or you will have to decide to pull yourself away from them. You will have to be your cheerleader at times when no one is around you.

My question to you today is, are you willing to live out of the ordinary?

Your Friend + Mentor

Payal Nanjiani




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