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The corporate world is hard and tough. There is no place for your wishes and likes.

Sadly, we all have been programed to put our hands out and ask for projects, ask for salary increases, for respect for promotions and we begin to believe that's the way to do it.

The more you put your hands out asking for success and growth, the more you become a victim at the mercy of everyone around you. I have always taught my clients to become such that growth and success get attracted to you, that people want to promote you, that the companies want to hire you.

It's time that you command your success. Command your success by raising your leadership level. Command your success by developing traits and qualities that will get you there, commanded by changing your behaviors to adapt to a challenging world. Command your success by being the best in the field of work.

There's a huge difference between asking for success and commanding it.

Most of us were not taught how to command what we want in life. We were taught to ask for it, which implies the possibility of being told no. At some point we must realize we don't need to ask any more.

We can command what we desire simply by understanding certain universal leadership principles. When you command your success, you need to be tough internally to win. In this corporate world, you cannot operate from a lower potential level where you are consumed with self doubts, worry, burnout, procrastination, imposter syndrome, lack of self confidence.

You have to start working and managing yourself from a higher potential level.

To command your success. You have to be persistent. You have to make sure that you improve yourself, improve your game, and improve your strategy. When you begin to command your success, what you are essentially doing is that you are holding in your mind an image of what you want, and then you're moving that thought to a higher frequency by acting as if you are already there, as if you have become that person.

The problem is that most of us are moving from a higher potential level to a lower potential level, and that's when we shift from commanding to asking. We forget who we are. We forget that we are here to be successful. And the worst thing that could ever be is you reaching to the end of this journey and wondering, could it have been better? Could you have done what you wanted to do?

Your Good Friend and Mentor

Payal Nanjiani

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Extremely beautiful. well explained. Made my day today. Reading this today , I am back on track


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