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I come across many leaders who proudly tell me that Payal , my team said that after I have gone and left the organization there’s been no leader like me in the company and that they just can’t do without me. And you know when they say that to me , you should just see the pride they have on their face and these are leaders who have already stepped out of that company, working with another company.

I feel so sorry for such leaders because I feel that you have failed massively in your leadership duty.

See, at the end of it all, if your people can’t do it without you, you really haven’t been successful in your role. A leader’s true legacy is that they create more leaders around them. we all have a very limited time in the career world and I know when you have heard me live in your company, you’ve heard me say this umpteen number of times ,We all have a very limited time in our career world. None of us are here to stay forever so soon you, me and all of us will be replaced by others and by the new generation of workforce that’s going to be entering. And whether we like it or not, it’s going to happen. So why you are here. And if you are considered by your people as a great leader, then I believe it is your responsibility to create more leaders like you and more leaders better than you who can fill your chair. And the organization succeeds even after you have left.

You cannot leave behind an empty chair and you shouldn’t. We owe it big time to our teams, to our organizations, to ourselves, to the society, to the country to make sure that even after we have gone, the company and the team still blossom and the organization culture keeps improving. That to me is a true legacy of any leader. And trust me when I say your legacy will live on through the people who you have impacted in your day to day life.

Legacy is not about doing something big. Legacy is about helping others to grow so that when you have left, your legacy lives through those people.

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Payal Nanjiani

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