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One of the things I repeatedly hear from leaders is this, ‘Payal, I have been feeling very stuck in my career. I'm not able to grow. I'm working hard. I really don't know what the matter is. ‘

Most of us have great technical skills and are experts at what we do. Yet , our growth in the corporate world is limited.Well, the problem is you have to know how to get out of the pack.

If you look closely at people who have achieved massive success in the corporate world, you will notice they are the ones who are not like everyone else.

They achieved success because they dared to be different. They realized that following the crowd mindlessly just kills creativity and limits capabilities, thereby ultimately preventing them from attaining the greatness they were meant for winning and succeeding by its very definition.Is a deviation from the norm.

If you want to succeed, you must get out of the pack, the pack of mediocrity, the pack of fear, and the pack of averageness.

It’s  not enough to sit in your office, take up more work, you know, follow instructions.

You need a thorough understanding of what is happening inside and outside of your company. You need to think big. You need to think long, and you have to be involved, visible and in the execution mode consistently.

I challenge you today to think big and long and get out of the pack.

That's where you will meet success.

Your Good Friend and Mentor

Payal Nanjiani


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