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If you’ve observed the prevailing leadership wisdom, it claims that the best way to succeed is to set specific goals and targets. Like delegating more, improving your confidence, building a better relationship with stakeholders, being a great leader, and ensuring profitability of the company.

These are some of the examples of the very specific targets and goals that we set for ourselves as leaders. But what happens is I always tell the leaders that more than setting specific goals and targets, what is important is to set systems.

Now, I’ve coached numerous leaders where I have helped them realize that their results have very little to do with the goals that they set and nearly everything to do with the system and the process that they follow.

I’m not saying that goals are not good and goals should not be fixed.

Goals are good for setting a direction, but systems are best for making progress.

You see, systems are scalable and repeatable. And if you aren’t creating a system to achieve your goals continuously, you’re going to fail more often. Leaders need to focus more on creating their system to achieve their outcomes. So I encourage you to check on the system that you are creating to achieve your outcome.

I hope this helps in your journey towards success,

Your Friend + Mentor Payal Nanjiani Connect with me on Instagram here @payal Nanjiani Date : 6 February, 2023


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