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Well, there are many leaders whom I have coached, where they mentioned about their challenges with controlling their anger at work and especially with their direct reports and many of them said that they tried everything to be more calmer, but nothing has helped. So here's what I tell them which I would like to share with you.

What I tell people is that if they want to respond to people and situations in a calmer manner and want to be in control of themselves, then as soon as they feel the emotions of anger setting in, immediately change your Physiology. Well, it's really that simple.

Just get off that chair or take that walk or just check your phone messages, look out of the window, and it's going to help you beat anger, because what you are eventually doing is that you are breaking your emotion of anger within 17 seconds. Because after 17 seconds it has been proven that your brain gets into a snowball effect and one thought, one action leads to another. So within 17 seconds, change your Physiology, your physical state. Break that thinking pattern of your brain, and that's what makes all the difference.

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