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How Great Leaders Achieve More In 24 Hours?

Time is indeed precious, but the bitter truth is that time management is not possible.

When anyone asks me to talk about time management, and if I can teach them how to manage time, my answer is no, I cannot teach you how to manage time. Why? Because you really cannot manage time. No one can manage time. Time is continuously moving whether you do anything or not. We need to do energy management because it’s not about the hours you put in; it’s about what you put in those hours that count.

Most leaders, when they are at work, are thinking about home; when they are at home, they are thinking about work, which drains their energy.

So ask yourself a simple question, Do you run the day, or does the day run you? It’s energy management that produces real results. So when I coach my clients on using their time effectively, the first step is to work on managing their energy. They must identify which tasks are their energy drainers and their energy gainers.

If you are truly mindful of your energy and manage it well, you are likely to become far more productive and, as a result, a more effective leader.

Hope this helps in your journey toward success.

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Payal Nanjiani

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