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How to be a winner

A winner is an ardent achiever. A winner is someone who is not afraid of failure, who does not give up, and who works hard constantly. They are committed, confident, and ready to take risks.

Here’s how you can be a winner too :

You know whether you are working in a corporate or whether you are an entrepreneur, winning is no accident. I believe that LEADERS CHOOSE TO WIN and every time that I speak about this topic of winning, it takes me back to this story of the jungle where every morning with the first ray of the Sun, there is a tiger who wakes up and tells itself that- today I have got to run faster than the fastest deer in this jungle and in the same jungle with the first ray of the Sun, every morning there is this deer who wakes up and tells himself -today I have got to run faster than the fastest tiger in this jungle and oftentimes in this race between the deer and the tiger, it’s the deer who wins because the tiger is running to satisfy its want for food, it’s running to satisfy its hunger and if it does not get this deer, it will eventually get another deer or an animal. On the contrary, the deer is running to protect its need for life. It has a deep-rooted need that life is only one and it wants to protect itself. So it’s all about NEED VS WANT.

It is exactly the same in our life. The one who moves ahead in the corporate and business world and comes out as a winner is the one who has a Deep-rooted purpose.

When I say a deep-rooted purpose, my friends, I mean a purpose that is beyond a nine-to-five job or a purpose that is beyond building and expanding a business only for name, fame, or money. It’s a deep-rooted purpose which means that you know, you are ready to lead a larger life. You are ready to make a difference and you are ready to change your circumstances. A deep-rooted purpose is all about you, your people, and your work, and a deep-rooted purpose are all about the need to do something. It’s one of the major major differences between winners and losers.

Knowing your bigger why brings stability in your life. We all know that in our work life, we always face challenges and hardships and obstacles and the economy keeps going up and down. So many times the economy is failing. People leave us midway. During all these times, you start to draw strength from your deep-rooted purpose. It does not allow you to stop. It keeps moving you in the direction of your goals and eventually, you come out as a WINNER.

You know it’s time that you stop living with a lottery mentality, a mentality that says that all of a sudden someday something is going to change and the Sun is going to shine bright on me and I am going to be super successful and I am going to win. It truly does not happen like that. You are going to be in operating mode all the time. It’s time now to design your own success. It’s time to design and consciously choose to win every time and let me tell you, my friends, it is possible. I myself have helped millions of people to derive that deep-rooted why and then to transition to a career or a business that serves that deep-rooted why so that they keep moving upwards and they succeed.

Achieving success is no rocket science. I encourage you to work out what is your goal. I want you to write down what is that goal, you want to achieve, and as you have written that, in the next column write down five reasons why you want to achieve that goal.

I have had people who tell me I want to become the director or the CEO of a company, I want to expand my business, I want to start a business but they are not able to get to the deep-rooted need of doing it, what’s the deep-rooted purpose and once you have made that list my friends, I wanted to look at it and ask, you know, what if I don’t achieve what I have written on that list. Is that list serving a deep-rooted need or is it just a pure want? I encourage you to go back on this list and rewrite the goal and the reason for achieving the goal until you get to a point where you know yes, this is my deep-rooted purpose. It’s serving a need, a bigger purpose than just my nine-to-five job, a bigger purpose than just name, fame, and money.

Be that person who does not give up, be that person who wakes up every single morning and is ready to take over the day with a deep-rooted purpose. When you start to connect with your purpose, you will undoubtedly move ahead with an inner drive. You will never need motivation from outside. You will know exactly how to proceed day after day and come out as a winner.

Winning is great my friends but winning with a purpose is bliss. It’s bliss for your health, it’s bliss for your soul and it is bliss for your entire organization.

Hope this helps in your journey to success

Your mentor + Friend

Payal Nanjiani


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