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How to Combat Imposter syndrome? #Askpayal

Today’s question comes from Mathew from Mumbai, India, who has asked — How to Combat Imposter syndrome?

One of the main barriers preventing leaders from excelling is their need for self-confidence and feeling like an imposter.

Imposter Syndrome is something that does not discriminate between men and women. Imposter Syndrome is a self-created state where there is a feeling of doubt accompanied by the want to be perfect and hide one’s flaws.

And many leaders face this syndrome because our work culture makes us believe that leaders are expected to know it all and be perfect.

No leader is perfect. So be authentic and honest.

If you are constantly making up things, then yes, eventually, you are going to be exposed.

Imposter syndrome manifests itself in various ways, such as a lack of confidence, playing small, overworking, and the pressure of knowing it all.

So pay attention to your self-talk. That’s the root cause of imposter syndrome.

I hope this helps in your journey towards success.

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Payal Nanjiani

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Date : 23 January, 2023

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