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Years ago, when I started working in Corporate America, I was super excited to give my best at work. By now, I had completed my MBA in Human Resources. I took a few certificate courses and felt well equipped for my first job. 

I just knew that I would be the best at my job. That there would be no one like me.

How ignorant  I must have been then. 

As I entered the workforce, I saw there were hundreds of others  like me (maybe better than me.)

 Almost everyone had an MBA under their belt. They were more skilled than I was and had completed more courses than ever.

For every position higher up that I aimed for, thousands of applicants applied internally and from outside. And growing at my job became one of the biggest challenges for me.

So how to stand out and get yourself noticed in a noisy corporate world? This has been a question that's obsessed me since I started my first job. I knew that I had to figure it out if I wanted to succeed.

I was good, in fact, very good at my job – but I was not getting to my next level.

I wasn’t recognized for anything in particular, and I didn’t have high-level connections.

I suspect that’s the case for many of us. You’re excellent at what you do – but maybe aren’t quite sure how to get those skills noticed upward.

So I began a deep dive into understanding what it takes to get recognized at your work.

Today, I feel fortunate that I've been able to answer that question.But what I'm most excited about is sharing what I've learned, and I'd like it to be easier for talented folks like yourself who want to grow and progress.

That's why I wrote my book, Win The Leadership Game Every Time.

To get you warmed up, you might like the free ‘Leadership Capacity Quiz' I created, with interesting questions to help draw out the winner in you.

You can download it for free, here. I hope you enjoy it.

(Feel free to share the link with a team member if you think it’s useful.)

More from me next week.

Your Good Friend and Mentor

Payal Nanjiani

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