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How to get more done at your workplace? How to triple your productivity in the workplace?#ASKPAYAL


I want to be focused with laser-like precision on critical tasks and make the best, most efficient use of my time. I want to get more done at my workplace. Instead, I get distracted by coworkers, lost in the inboxes, and too absorbed by the house responsibilities. How can I triple my productivity in the workplace?

Payal's response:

I agree that success comes when we get more done each day with precision. Women have to juggle many tasks each day- from house chores to office meetings to children and socializing. I don’t know how we manage it all- but we do.

However one does not achieve success purely by managing everything. Productivity level needs to be at its peak to deliver better results in business and jobs. If you are looking to climb the corporate ladder or get more clients in your business, you must be extra productive each day. Which means simply put you must give your best each day. Nothing less than 100%. A technique I often share with my clients is called ‘ Traffic Control.’ It's extremely simple and has been applied by a majority of my clients worldwide.

Have you ever thought about why your productivity is not as high as you desire? Why do you fail to achieve the target in your work life? Most women want to achieve outwardly but inwardly there is a traffic jam of thoughts and traffic jam of to-do lists. We get entangled in thoughts of wanting to be perfect in everything, thoughts of guilt and regret, of worry, anxiety, hope, and passion. There is a traffic jam of to-do list which is never ending and it makes us a slave to the clock. Many women have said to me that if we have 10 things we want to finish in a day and we finish five, we get frustrated because we tell our self that we are not productive. And this way you criticize and demoralize yourself. You wake up with the same thought and feeling in the morning and go to bed thinking about it at night. What does this do to your energy level? It brings it down and it affects your actions and results.

Success as an entrepreneur or corporate leaders depends on the ability to get things done with limited resources. You must be able to create the opportunity to make more sales, to grow in your company, to increase your income and to be competitive. And any traffic jam will only weigh you down. Most women are working hard, upgrading their skill sets, networking, enrolling in various courses. But if you are drained out because of your thoughts and to-do lists, there is no way you will give your best even if you have the best of resources and opportunities around you. As a leader and entrepreneur, your most important work (mulling strategy, blue-skying for innovation, planning and imagining the future ) require you to be productive and full of high energy. Try to be aware of the traffic jams in your life-both professional and personal. Slowly start to clear the traffic and you will see how you speed up in every project that you undertake.

Hope this is of much value to you in your journey to success.

Your Friend + Mentor

Payal Nanjiani

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