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How to know what your boss is thinking? This question reminds me of a chapter from my fourth upcoming book, which is about how great leaders are mind readers. The most important thing I would say in communication is hearing what isn't said and being able to comprehend that well. You must develop the ability to perceive another person's thoughts without the traditional means of communication. It is highly crucial to build that chemistry of mind with your boss.

In fact, I have taught many leaders how to create mental models to intuit people's thoughts, effects, and feelings. How do you do that? One of the things you can practice is asking the right questions to your boss. Here are some questions I can think of: What motivates your boss? What are their fears and triggers? What obstacles are holding them back? How do they make choices? What is their goal or career dream? What do they think about you and the organization? What do they like in you and your team?

Most of us have learned well how to build a team. We will take our team out for dinners, off-sites, and happy hour evenings to create that deep bonding. We will be there at their sports events and voluntary activities. The most amusing part of all this is that at work, these are the same leaders frustrated with their team's performance, quiet quitting attitude, and sudden resignations. Those who have made it to the top are the ones who have connected with the minds of the people. They know exactly what triggers their boss, what triggers their team, what are the pain points of their boss, and what makes them click. They can influence people and connect with them deeper.

Your Good Friend and Mentor

Payal Nanjiani

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