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Can you really manage people? Think about a time when you successfully manage your spouse or your boyfriend or your girlfriend. Do you actually manage your people to get to work on time and create results once they have arrived?

Managing people should not really be a thing, you know? Let me tell you this incidence. Years ago while working for a retail fashion corporation, I watched at the corporate staff and you know, they asked the store managers to conduct specific training programs with all the store personnel. So every employee was treated exactly the same. Tailoring, training to meet the needs of individuals wasn't considered. So it became what I called - A project.

And people aren't projects. Projects can be managed. People should be led. So don't manage people, lead them. In fact Warren Bennis, he said this so well. The manager has his eye on the bottom line, the leader has his eye on the horizon. You manage projects and lead people. And so, genuine leaders, they bring in enthusiasm into the work environment, they are able to communicate their vision to the team, they are able to inspire people to give their best.

So if you're a true leader, make an effort to get to know your team and find out what they excel at and where they need the extra support. And by doing so, you will bring out the limitless productivity and innovation from your team.

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