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How can leaders can manage time better to be more productive? Whether I am coaching top executives or senior leaders, I am often in helping them using their time effectively because everyone wants to get more done in a little time. Now, when someone asks me how we can manage our time to be more productive, my answer is, you cannot manage time.

In fact, no one can because time is continuously moving whether you do anything or not. And in fact, learning how to manage time is a complete waste of time.

Trust me when I say that what we need to do as leaders to be more productive is energy management.Because it's not about the hours that you put in at your work, it's about what you put in in the hours that count.Now, in fact, 52% of employees, they feel burnt out and stressed. And so what happens? Their energy gets depleted.And this lack of energy can cause a dip in the productivity even when there's more than enough time to get the work done.

So it's energy management, my friend, that produces real result and not time management.Managing your energy is what will help you become more, faster and smarter at your work and it will get you to run the day in the way you want it.

So here's what I would encourage you to do. Step number one begin to consciously observe where your energy is draining and how you can stop that.Step number two, set your boundaries so that you can be in control of how little or how much you want to accomplish on a specific day, and step number three, delegate more so that you are in a better position to accomplish your goals without being overworked and exhausted.

I hope this helps you.

Your Good Friend + Mentor Payal Nanjiani Leadership Expert | Author| Executive Coach


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