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How not to give up is to enjoy every season. Well, you see, in our work life we face numerous seasons slow economy, conflict filled seasons, opportunity and problem rich seasons, retirement seasons, growth and learning seasons, promotions and layoff seasons. And the most challenging season of all is the season of silence.

It is when you are working hard, putting in the effort, and yet you see no results. But you've got to know that most of the time before things come to pass. There is a season of silence. When you are not seeing anything change. It seems the needle just doesn't move.

In fact, did you know that most people across the globe get discouraged and give up on their dreams during the season of silence? What we don't realize is, while you are putting in the effort behind the scenes, changes are taking place. The universe is lining up all the right opportunities for you. You know, as they you know, as they say, don't give up. Don't give up. Just because you don't see anything happening on the outside. Know that a lot is happening inside.

Just as a seed takes root inside the ground in darkness, so are your results shaping up in the season of silence? Trust your actions, trust the process, and most of all, trust the success within you. Nothing is permanent in this world and so never take any season too seriously.

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