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"Is my success truly my responsibility?" - Well, yes, there is only one person who is responsible for your success or lack of it, and that is you. No one can hold you back from your destiny.

How much of your success would you say is up to you, your choices, your actions, your behaviours versus the outside world and the outside conditions? So if your mindset is that you are at least 85% responsible for your success, and that just 15% depends on the way the wind blows, you are likely to be highly successful. But if you are going to blame your problems and failures on other people, on circumstances beyond your control, or just plain bad luck, you may be doomed to fail. You know.

In fact, my father always told me that you must take personal responsibility. You cannot change the circumstances, the seasons, or the wind. But you can change yourself. And when you start believing that your success is your responsibility, guess what's going to happen? You're going to be you. You will stop procrastinating. You will stop waiting to be told and instructed what to do. You're going to stop mind reading the dark side of others. Only you can get out of your way.

So I encourage you to align your vision with your thoughts and actions, and believe that there is no force strong enough to stop you from moving ahead. Accept yourself.

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Payal Nanjiani

Leadership Expert | Author| Executive Coach


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