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Leader's Toughest Season

Leaders should be ready to take bold steps and tackle the challenges in every circumstance. They should be ready to lead their team even through a tough and challenging season. There will be plenty of obstacles and hindrances when you are in the position of a leader but nevertheless, a leader has to face them with integrity and patience.

In our work-life, we face numerous seasons- slow season, slow economy season, conflict-filled season, the season of opportunity, and seasons of promotion. The toughest season is the season of silence. This is the time when you are working hard, putting in the effort and yet you don’t see any results. Most of the time before things come into pace, there is a season of silence in every leader’s life, where you are not seeing any change, you are not seeing anything improving. It just seems that the leader will not move and it is during this season of silence that most people across the globe get discouraged and give up on their dreams. While you are putting in efforts behind the scenes, changes are taking place. The universe is lining up with the right opportunities for you. While you are passing through the season of silence, dig in your heels and believe that you will see the results.

Don’t give up Just because you don’t see anything happening on the outside. A lot of things are happening inside. Your results are shaping up in the season of silence. You have got to trust your actions, trust the process, you have got to trust the success within you.

We all experience changes and transitions in our career life. Sometimes the season of life is exciting and dynamic and we feel on top of the world other times we just want to escape the situation but no season lasts forever.

Your work-life has seasons that keep changing constantly and that’s what makes it so fascinating. If your work were to remain the same forever, doing the same routine work, getting the same salary, or being on the same designation, would you really treasure the positive and happy moments of your work life? Nothing is permanent in this world and so never take any season too seriously. Never run away from a season, face it and come out stronger, happier, healthier, and better prepared for the next season in life. There is a winner in you. You were created to be a master of your craft.

Don’t worry about how long the season lasts, it may stay with you for three months, six months, or three years, who knows, you have just gotta put your shoulders back, hold your head high up, and walk with confidence every season. You can thrive in every season by changing your focus, compute your blessings, and analyzing your language. You truly cannot do much about what your past and future seasons are, the only season you can live in and give your best to is the season you are in.


Hope this helps in your journey to success

Your mentor + Friend

Payal Nanjiani


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