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Do you approach life with a positive outlook? Do you have a winning attitude?

I am talking about this word for two reasons, one of the reasons is because my book -Win the leadership game every time has been released, and second and most importantly, because winning is one of the most critical leadership aspects that can get you to lead a successful and fulfilling career.

In my 21 years of coaching, I have seen that the majority of people get stuck in the mid-level. They work hard, and put in all the effort, most are technically and functionally experts in their fields and yet we see only 50% of the people achieving success in their careers and reaching great heights.

If you want to accelerate your growth and be successful at what you do, you have got to know how to win the leadership game, and to win, you must be willing to be different because different things stand out. If you try to fit in, you will stay in the middle of the path and your career growth will be limited.

Winning requires a strategy. Winning is based on some fundamental laws and so in this book, you will know what these laws are which you can apply in your own life and what strategies you can implement. You will know about what different things successful leaders do to win and get to the next level. I have distilled and revealed the rituals and practices of some of the greatest industry leaders and what it takes for them to win.



To order your own copy of Payal’s new leadership book: Win the Leadership Game Every time, Click here.



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