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As leaders, one of our major concerns is resources. We are in a business era full of information and resources, yet we are saying we can’t do a project due to a lack of resources. My question is- Can anyone achieve success with really tight resources?

On September 25th of the year 2000, an 11-year-old girl in a small city in the Philippines and her uncle were walking towards the well to draw water late in the evening. Along the way, four men met who were carrying long knives. They had the uncle on the neck, killed him, and injured the girl brutally, and they took whatever she and her uncle were carrying, money and everything. When this girl arrived at the hospital, the doctors looked at her and were shocked and said she was going to die. They operated on her for five hours to save her, but in this thing, she lost both of her hands. She was struggling with her disability and is dependent on her mother, and soon she started to trust in the universe and her inner strength, and she became more determined to survive because she believed that she had an important mission in her life. Eventually, she graduated from high school, enrolled in a two-year hotel and restaurant management course, and won plenty of accolades in her work in hospitality.

How tight were the resources for her? Nelson Mandela spent 27 years in prison daily, though his only possession was a bucket toilet. Mahatma Gandhi led the independence movement without any guns and equipment. We have forgotten that as a person, we are full of resources. 

How did these people break through and create history in their organization? How did they adapt to changes in their life and environment?

All of the resources that are necessary for your progress are within you. You are born resourceful. You know you have it in you. You know you can navigate and reach your next level. We all originate from the universe. The universe is powerful and resourceful; the same has been bestowed upon everyone here.

Outside resources are limited, but inner resources are limitless. The inner resource generates the outer resources, yet we depend more on the outer resources.

If you have the keen desire to grow and climb up the corporate ladder, if you have a keen desire to become successful, then you have two options:

  1. You can wait for the resources to develop, lament the lack of resources, keep asking for help, and worry about the situation.

  2. You can awaken your inner resources like confidence, interest, happiness, and vision; with these inner resources, you can move towards generating your outcome every day.

Being Resourceful is like a mindset for today’s generation, leaders, and teams. It is an awareness and realization that you can, and you do, have the ability to do more. We have called ourselves to believe that budget, teams, economy, corporate politics, uncertainty, salary, top management, time, everything could possibly point towards the root cause of our problems. All of these factors are just an easy way out of taking the blame on ourselves.

Resourcefulness has everything to do with your ability to get the most out of yourself in every situation. You have got to know how to optimize yourself.

Outside resources are LIMITED but inner resources are LIMITLESS!!

Want to know how to be Resourceful? Here's what to do next:

Step # 1 Listen to the Resourceful Leader podcast episode here. 

Step # 2 Download the special workbook once you finish listening to the episode

I hope this helps in your journey toward success.

Your Good Friend + Mentor

Payal Nanjiani




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