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Today, let's talk about an interesting leadership word: detour. I can honestly say I enjoy coaching leaders. Not too long ago, a senior manager from a finance company contacted my office for coaching. During our introduction call, I learned that he had been going through a rough time. As we sat at the coffee shop, his head hung low. He expressed feeling as if he was running into detour after detour, replicating and multiplying rather than leading him anywhere meaningful. He shared his employment gap history, feeling stuck in the same position despite his efforts, facing layoffs, and being passed over for promotions.

For most professionals, there are times when career paths deviate from what was hoped. Life's journey rarely follows a straight line; it's filled with shocks, surprises, and bumps along the way. As leaders, embracing these challenges and overcoming them makes our career lives meaningful. We have the power to choose how we respond to unforeseen events and detours, recognizing the opportunities they present for growth and self-discovery.

Detours come in various forms, from everyday disruptions to significant life-altering events. Learning to accept and express our emotions towards these detours is crucial for our growth. While some detours may be sad or frustrating, they often lead to valuable experiences that enrich our personal and professional lives. Despite the initial setbacks, detours can guide us to better paths, offering opportunities for resilience and redirection.

My own experience relocating to India amidst the COVID-19 pandemic exemplifies the transformative power of detours. Despite plans crashing due to unforeseen circumstances, unexpected opportunities emerged, leading to profound personal and professional growth. Life's detours, though unsettling, often pave the way to something wonderful. Embracing them, trusting the journey, and recognizing that detours are part of a bigger plan can lead to fulfilling destinations.

In conclusion, detours may take us off our intended routes, but they are not dead ends. They serve as divine redirections, guiding us towards our purpose. Trusting in God's timing, recognizing His faithfulness, and embracing detours as opportunities for growth are essential as we navigate our career and life journeys. Wishing you success and resilience as you embrace the detours that come your way. Stay connected for more insights and inspiration.

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