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In one of my books titled "Success Is Within," where I have shared 21 ways for achieving your results, prosperity, and fulfillment, I wrote a chapter called "Design Your Today." Essentially, I have said that most of us know what we want; we have our goals and passions, and it all comes down to your everyday actions. What do you do every day? If you want to become the manager or the CEO of a company, increase your income, expand your business, or master a sport, whatever it may be, all that matters is what you do every single day. Your today is a major part of your big vision.

Here is what I want to tell you: a day wasted will need extra effort on your path to recover and make up for it tomorrow. I tell a lot of my clients that just shadowing them for one day and seeing how they operate on that day, I can tell them how far they are going to go in their career.

Here are three questions I want you to ask yourself every single day: What are your big plans for today? What are two things you want to accomplish today? And how do you plan to end your day today? I encourage you to work on these questions daily and see the difference each day.

Your Good Friend and Mentor

Payal Nanjiani

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