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Hello, today I want to talk to you about - Uncovering the greatness in your team. As leaders, your words have the power to push people into greatness. Your words have an impact on your people.

The reason you see some of your people not living their potential is because no one is taking the time to tell them, "Hey, you are great at this job.", or "You are simply talented in problem solving.", or "You know, you are awesome at coding!". More than often our teams don't know how to perform well because no one is telling them what they can achieve.

When you tell your teams what they can become, what they can achieve and where they can reach, they begin to see greatness in themselves. Unfortunately, many of us speak to our teams negatively and that's why all that the team remembers are the negative things from their performance appraisal, where they did not improve, what they did not achieve, what improvements are needed, where did they fall short, what targets fell short?

All their incredible talent and potential is lying dormant inside of them. One of your leadership duty is to bring about the greatness in your team. So take the time to spot what each of your team members is great at and make sure you keep reminding them of their greatness and how they can apply it at their work.

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Payal Nanjiani

Leadership Expert | Author| Executive Coach


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