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Why do you want to be a leader?

I asked this question to the management students that I teach. I asked this question to mid managers, and a typical response I get is, well, I want to be in control. I like the title and position. I want people to look up to me. I want more money, and their responses immediately tell me that they are in deep trouble. They want to be leaders for their personal, selfish reasons, and rarely does anyone tell me that the reason I want to be a leader is because I want to make a difference. Leadership is never about you. It's always about other people.

It's about asking yourself the question, what can I do for others, for my team, for my organization, for my customers? What value can I add in someone's life? Your people should benefit most from you being the leader. Being a leader is about others. So I challenge you to be a people person.

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