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The Divine Laws of Leadership

In the world of leadership, most of us grew up with the belief that it's lonely at the top. We also came to believe that achieving success means many sacrifices to cut through the office politics and grow through the ranks. As a result, we may have struggled for years and reached our goals but wound up feeling stressed.

Leadership success comes with a correct mindset. For this as a leader you first have to take charge and care of your mindset. Follow these 7 powerful Laws which could save you a lot of trouble, money and time and enable you to keep your team together always.

1. Law of Acceptance- Acceptance is about trusting yourself to rise to whatever occasion presents itself to you. If it happens, it happens. Go on about your business. Keep flowing. You cannot control circumstances from the outside, so instead of resisting pain or failure, you can embrace and encompass your pain and your failures, fully accepting them so that they become part of you. Trusting self enables me to see the positive aspect both in myself and in fate. Trust makes me free from worry. And a mind that doesn't worry is a mind that is powerful. I can then surely bring solutions even in the biggest problem.

2. Law of Attraction- As leaders, each day we face many situations-both pleasant and unpleasant. The pleasant keep us happy. Most of the days we are surrounded with unpleasant situations related to staff, customers, boss, etc. We keep thinking about these unpleasant situations and people and attract more of these to our work and life. You have to be clear about the outcome and the purpose for your actions. Focus your thoughts, feelings and actions on exactly what you want. Be specific about what it looks like when it’s achieved and how it will make you feel having reached that goal. Simply put law of attraction is, `To believe what you do not see', the reward of which is, `you see what you believed.”

3. Law of Karma- “What goes around comes around”. Karma is not only action and reaction, cause and effect, that effect becoming a cause again; but it is precisely the Law of Responsibility. You are responsible for your actions. As leaders, we more than often forget this law towards success. We blame situations and people and thereby come in our own way of success. A successful person is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks that others throw at him.

4. Law of Detachment-As leaders, learn to let go and watch. What this means in business is that you must remove yourself from all PERSONAL attachment to the outcome! Sounds counter-intuitive, I know. After all, in business we are judged every day, every month and every year by our numbers and yes, we want results with our team. Do everything in your power to activate the law of attraction for what you want, but don’t forget to detach as if you had already received what you want. Once you do, it will all come pouring down to you. Do the best and leave the rest.

5. Law of focus- Negativity is pervasive in our world today, from newspapers to television ads. So how can we be successful in business or personal life if our focus is not mindful and if we are surrounded by negativity. As a leaders and entrepreneur, you have a lot on your plate. Staying focused can be tough with a constant stream of employees, clients, emails, and phone calls demanding your attention. What you will focus on will grow- 100%. So focus on what you want- a successful team, more clients, happy customers. Take off your mind from all negativity and wrong that you see around you and out all that energy into catching people do the good, into attracting more clients and see yourself thrive up the ladder of success.

6. Law of Silence- We are conditioned to believe that when the person you are speaking to suddenly falls silent it may reflect disinterest, a breakdown of communication or even rejection by the other person. To break our discomfort, and the silence, we quickly continue the conversation. The “sounds of silence” are very powerful. The successful leader is intuitively aware of the power of silence and is very comfortable when this happens during the conversation. And in the breaking of this silence, we may be breaking a lot more!

7. Law of Self Governance- The last but not the least of the law of success. This is the foundation for all the above stated laws. More important than What is Behind you and what is Ahead of you is what is In you. A mind that has forgotten the past and the future, that is awake to the now, to the present, experiences the highest success. It is alert, it is watchful, it is inspired.

Plan out your work, then work out your plan. The former without the latter is a sheer waste. The latter without the former is mere unproductive confusion.


Payal Nanjiani is an inspirational leadership trainer, success coach and keynote speaker. She has been a source of inspiration to many company leaders and teams globally, touching various industries.


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