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Adding value to the lives of others

Every single morning when you wake up, you have two options, either to make the lives of people around you better or to make it worse. A great leader adds value to the life of people surrounding them, they do it daily and intentionally.

90% of the leaders who make the lives of others worse are doing so unintentionally, they fail to realize and introspect how their words and their actions create a negative impact on others, and soon they realize that they are all alone in their climb to success because they didn’t pay attention to their words and actions.

The Value of Adding Value

If you want to be a world-class leader and make a difference in the lives of other people, then it is very crucial for you to understand the value of adding value. You see, adding value doesn’t have to be anything big, I know of people who say I’m waiting for that day when I can do something big and add value to the lives of other people, well the harsh reality is that, that day may never come. You have to make it an intentional process every single day and add value through small and thoughtful actions which really impact the lives of people around you.

How can YOU add value?

Adding value is intentional and a daily process, waking up you must ask yourself how am I going to add value to the lives of others today? All it takes is small simple steps like belong there for people, motivating them, helping them in their tasks, being kind to them, be a person that when they talk to you, they are filled with optimism and positivity and at the end of the day ask yourself that how did I add value to lives of people today? Ask yourself these two questions every single day and see how your life progresses.

I personally believe that the element of adding value is underrated these days in leadership. Leadership, as I always say, is not about your title, status, or your skill set, leadership is completely based on what you can do for others, and adding value is a game-changer in your leadership skills.

Hope this is of much value to you in your journey to success.

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